Pros and Cons of Laser Sights

Pros and cons of laser sights

It wasn’t long ago that laser sights were things of fiction and only seen in futuristic movies.  They have now become mainstream for everything from range shooting to self-defense. Sights have their place in the gun cabinet but are laser sights right for you? Let’s see the pros and cons of laser sights. 


There are a wealth of sights available meaning there is a sight for every shooter on any budget. One of the biggest advantages of them are their ability to acquire the target much more quickly.  Where iron sights require the shooters eyes to be level with the sights, laser sights are much more forgiving.  In a self-defense situation, the sight is much more forgiving when the shooter does not have the opportunity to get into a proper shooting stance helping reduce the draw time. Shooters should be aware that there are FDA regulations laser sights as well.


The biggest drawback of a laser sight is the fact that it runs on batteries.  With many laser sights, a user can get hours and hours of battery life but it will eventually fail.  Something users should keep in mind when looking for laser sights. Many users have expressed that another drawback on lasers is that it will always travel a straight line. Bullets have ballistic trajectory – making them subject to the laws of gravity. Shooters should keep that in mind and know that laser sights are meant for mid-range shooting. They can be difficult to see at longer ranges or under bright conditions.

When weighing the pros and cons of laser sights, shooters should do their research and talk to others on laser sights. They definitely have their place but their place is not everywhere.  Take some time and look around.  You will find there is a laser sight for you out there.

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