Should I Own a Gun? 10 Unfiltered Responses on Quora

should i own a gun

Home defense is very important, but do you need a gun to defend yourself?

This is the question many people struggle with each day. And when someone has questions, it’s only natural they’d want to reach out to others for answers.

In fact, that’s how Quora became so popular. Users can ask any question they can think of. In response, those users will get blunt, useful info from people all over the world.

So, how happens when we ask “should I own a gun, Quora?” Here are the 10 best unfiltered responses on the platform!

Everyone Must Decide For Themselves

“It’s not really a question other people should answer for you. It’s a decision only you can make. There are some questions that you need to ask yourself and answer honestly in order to decide. Are you actually willing to use it?”-Mike S., Shooter and safety instructor, occasional range officer.

This may seem like a strange response to “should I own a gun, Quora?” But we like how blunt Mike S. is about this very important point.

First, he is correct that individuals must decide on whether they need firearms or not. While we love guns, we understand there are some who will never be comfortable owning them or using them.

Second, he is correct that you must be willing to use the gun for protection. And a gun you refuse to use is no protection at all!

Putting In the Time

“Only if you are willing to invest as much time effort and training as you would to learn Aikido/Karate/JiuJitsu/etc.” -Bryan P.

Bryan P.’s answer to this question is short and sweet. And at first, it may even be a bit confusing. What do these different martial arts have to do with owning a gun?

However, his point is as simple and elegant as any karate move: firearms are not just tools, they are a discipline. Just as it takes many years to master something like Aikido, it will take many trips to the range to master your gun. If you aren’t willing to put that time in, you may discover your gun is little more than a paperweight.

Safety First

“Any person who buys a gun also should buy a gun safe or appropriate locking device.

If you buy for protection, take classes and practice weekly. The safe you should buy, that will be bolted to the floor where you want it, should be a quick opening fingerprint safe. There are many models.

Unsupervised guns always should be locked up, especially in houses with children. Locked up, unsupervised guns guarantees safety and protects one’s investment–guns are expensive.” -Michael Bertsch, Liberal gun owner

Depending on your politics, you might not expect to hear much from liberal gun owners. In this case, though, Michael brings up some very important points!

Most of the horror stories about guns being misused, and especially guns being handled by children, come down to the guns not being properly secured. By securing your firearms, you help keep yourself, your family, and everyone else safe.

Remember, some politicians are always agitating to change the law and make gun owners liable for what happens if their firearm is stolen. So a gun safe might just keep you out of court in addition to keeping you alive.

Be Ready To Use It Or Lose It

“The answer is maybe. A gun is one layer in a home defense security plan, not the end-all-be-all. Also, in order for it to be useful, you must be willing to employ it and be capable of employing it. Take some classes, learn the basics of firearm safety, learn some basic defensive techniques, and get time on the range.” -Sean Sanders, Gun Enthusiast

We’re really glad that Sean brought up this point. And that’s because it touches upon a very serious issue in the firearms community.

Around here, we’re really big fans of constitutional carry. After all, the Founding Fathers didn’t think you should have to jump through hoops to buy and use a gun, and we don’t either.

However, just because you don’t necessarily have to take any special courses (like concealed carry training) to carry a firearm doesn’t mean you should dismiss the training. The more you learn, the better you will be able to protect yourself and others. And if you consider using guns as a hobby, then learning more about firearms can help you get even more out of this exciting hobby.

Emotional Training Required

“My answer is no if you are not ready to take someone’s life. Install an alarm system or keep a cell phone next to you to dial 911 in case of intruders. Most people are not emotionally trained for killing someone even though it is for self-defense. Guns are a useful tool for hunting or for fun at the shooting range.”-Anonymous

You may not agree with this person’s idea, but this is certainly a great “unfiltered” response. And you might be surprised by how many people agree with this!

And keep in mind that the anonymous writer is not saying that you shouldn’t own or use a gun. He is simply pointing out that the average person is not truly prepared to use a gun in the act of self-defense. In this way, he is echoing a rather popular sentiment: if you buy a firearm for the purposes of home defense, then you better be prepared to use it, and you shouldn’t point at what you’re not planning on shooting.

Also, while we don’t think this has to be an either/or decision, it’s not a bad idea to get a good alarm system and keep your cellphone handy in addition to keeping a gun nearby. Why give yourself only one option for home defense when you can give yourself several different options?

Dual Purpose

“Why not buy a gun and enjoy learning to shoot it. You’ll find that it’s a dual-purpose tool. I didn’t buy any of the number of AR’s I own to control my street. They are fun to shoot, and I own more than one because a few people didn’t enjoy it as much as I do.

My 1911 is the most accurate handgun I own, I love shooting holes in paper. It just turns out to be an ideal defense gun and caliber.” -Mac McDonald, former Veteran

If we could locate Mac, we might have to give him a big hug. And that’s because he brings up an important part that often gets lost in gun debates: owning and using guns is quite fun!

When defending the Second Amendment, many of us have argued about guns as valuable tools. And this is a way to underscore that a tool is no more or less dangerous than the person using it.

However, to a carpenter, a hammer is more than a tool. It’s a way for him to find happiness and express himself in new ways each time.

That’s how we see guns. Sure, these are great tools to protect yourself and those around you. But they are also a great way to have fun!

Thoughts On Shotguns

“Only if you are willing to kill another human being without hesitation.

Do not think that you can “shoot to wound,” especially if you are afraid for your life or that of a loved one. That is why police officers are trained to aim at the center of mass, which is a killing shot.

If you are not so willing, and I fervently hope that is the case, then a gun will most likely be taken away from you and used against you or those whom you sought to protect. And if you have fired it before it is taken away, your assailant will be enraged and will likely kill you.

IOW, guns for self-defense only work if one is a functional or actual sociopath.

(P.S. There might be a case for a shotgun for home defense, but only if you are certain that you will not attempt to use it offensively during a break-in. That is, you know that no matter what, you will retreat to a safe area and use the shotgun to prevent further attack. Handguns for home defense are useless and wrong.)” -Dave Trowbridge, Friend, Gardener, Dog-Trainer

Whoo! Dave here said a mouthful. And he brings up several important points that every gun owner should know.

First of all, he is absolutely right about the difficulties of shooting to wound. If your home is invaded and you try to shoot for an arm or a leg instead of center mass, then you it could literally be the difference between life and death.

Second, we agree with the dangers of owning a gun you aren’t willing to use. “Best case,” the weapon will be useless when it comes to protecting your family. “Worst case,” you might be giving your home invader the very means to kill you~

Finally, he brings up a very valid point about choosing the right tool for the job. We really love our handguns, but there is nothing quite like a shotgun for home defense. And you don’t exactly need perfect aim to use the shotgun against potential intruders.

The Key To Clarity

“I don’t know many people who own just one. It is an addictive hobby. Firearms are beautiful in their simplicity and is better than yoga or antidepressants or golf to get some clarity.” -Ian Forte, Trained with the LAPD SWAT team.

It’s safe to say that we live in an overly medicated day and age. The world is full of endless sources of stress and anxiety. And it is also full of doctors ready and willing to prescribe you a small pharmacy of products to deal with stress and anxiety.

However, for many people, the best way to deal with stress, anxiety, and other problems is to find a happy place. And for many gun owners, time on the range or in their backyard is that happy place. Despite critics thinking guns are tools of violence, they are a great way for you to find your own personal Zen, all while building your mental and physical health.

The Gun Doesn’t Wander

“Yes. A Ruger 9E 9mm semi-auto pistol. A friend had it in pawn and needed someone to get it out. Cost me about $170. It’s never been fired. I was lazy about taking it to the range and now am without the finances to spend on ammo.

Fortunately, I’ve been able to keep the pistol from wandering the streets at night, shooting random school kids, and otherwise doing those things guns do.” -Todd Woods, worked at Hewlett-Packard

Obviously, Todd’s tongue is very firmly in his cheek here. But that doesn’t keep him from dishing out a couple of very hard truths.

The first point could come right out of a fortune cookie: life is short. We’ve been talking about how fun and even calming firing a gun can be. But what’s the point of having a source of fun and happiness and never actually using it?

The second point is a familiar argument to gun owners, but gun critics still need to hear it: that gun isn’t going to wander off on its own and cause any damage. So while we’d prefer you actually use the firearms you own, they aren’t doing any harm just sitting in your house.

Another Good Safety Tip

“No, and with very good reason. My wife is a depressive, and even with treatment, crashes from time to time. A gun would be far too great a temptation.” -Joel Ruggaber, Registered Independent and casual political junkie.

You might be surprised to see this last response on here. Equally surprising is the fact that we agree with Joel’s basic argument here!

Just because the Founding Fathers made it easy to buy and use guns doesn’t mean that everyone needs to have one. As we noted before, a gun is pretty useless to anyone who won’t actually use it. And a gun can be very dangerous if it will be in the house with someone else who is likely to hurt themselves or others (especially if these are children).

So long as those descriptions don’t apply to you, though, your home is likely to be far safer with a gun (or two, or three) inside it.

Time To Protect Your Home

Now you know the responses when we asked “Should I own a gun, Quora.” But do you know the next big step to defend your home?

With proper concealed carry training, you can legally and safely take your gun into more places than ever before. And you’ll even have a better idea of how to use it. To start learning how to really protect your home, come enroll in a course today!

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