Tips on Staying Focused When Your Family is Threatened

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Hi, I’m Austin Davis, National Training Director for Concealed Coalition, and I’m here to answer your questions. This question comes from Nancy in Helmet, California:

“How do I stay focused in an explosive situation when my family is threatened?”

This is a hard question to answer efficiently, but I’ll see how I can do.

Actions You Can Take When Your Family is Threatened

Fight, Flight, or Freeze: The Three Main Options

Anytime you’re in a situation where your family is threatened, you’re only left with three options: fight, flight, or freeze. That’s it.

First off, you can freeze and not do anything. You could also fight by engaging the bad actor, or you can try to escape and pull your people with you. So if you’re in a situation and your family is frightened, stay focused and ask yourself, “Do I need to fight, flight, or freeze?”

A Tactical Approach

Stay focused when your family is threatened
When you or a member of your family is threatened, the key here is to stay focused and employ the tactics that will help you best escape the situation safely.

In my world, “tactics” means a skillful use of the variables time, distance, and safer angles.

Time – Should I act right now or wait until it’s a safer time to take my action?

Distance – Do I need to close in and engage with them or break off and get more room or more options?

Safer Angles – Is there something I can put between me and the bad guy or get offline to minimize my chance of me or my family getting hurt? 

This is a hard question to answer quickly, but hopefully I gave you a good overview today. The key here is to stay focused on the situation at hand. We’ll go more in-depth on home and family defense in Concealed Coalition University, so stay tuned.

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