The Three Common Waistband-Carry Positions

The waistband is a common place to carry your concealed weapon, but you need to understand the pros and cons of each waistband-carry position.

In general, you will find three specific options…

1. Appendix Carry

Also known as the 1:00 position, the appendix carry has the weapon in front, generally between the front pants-pocket and the zipper. This position gives you the best access and the fastest draw, making it a preferred method for many carriers. It offers good concealment, and having the gun in front allows you to constantly ensure that your weapon is properly concealed.

With appendix carry, you will have a hard time bending at the waist, and it is often uncomfortable when you sit for a long time.

Side Carry

The side carry is one of the most typical positions in concealed carry. Sometimes called the 3:00 position, this option allows for a good balance of accessibility and fast draw, as well as good concealment with open shirt garments. With the right clothing, it can also be a good option for carrying larger weapons such as a 1911-style handgun.

This position is most dependent on your clothing choices. If you wear a tucked-in shirt, it can be hard to conceal a weapon with the side carry, as the holster creates a noticeable bulge at your hip.

Behind-the-Hip Carry

Of all the waistband carry positions, this one offers the best concealment, as the gun practically hides itself in the curve of your lower back. This provides excellent concealment and reduces the chances of printing.

However, this position is the least accessible in an emergency. It can be difficult to move a shirt or jacket out of the way in order to smoothly draw and fire. While comfort is good when standing, behind-the-hip can be uncomfortable when sitting.

Try Many Positions Before Choosing One

Before making a choice on your concealment position, try numerous options to see which is right for you. There is no “right” carry position, so only trial and error can tell you which is best for your specific needs.

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