Tips for Traveling Prepared

Take a vacation! Life is hard and it takes some relaxing time. It takes a little break from time to time. Not to mention, when you take a break you often hit life even harder upon your return. So, after my short philosophical rant on vacations and their importance I will follow up with: Go but go prepared.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t go away prepared and whether you are taking a road trip or flying you can still find your way into prepared scenario if you have enough time and planning to do so. There are some solid methods and tools out there to travel with. In this article, we are going to look at the many ways you can get from point A to point B with some level of reasonable preparedness.


Know your new home

Be sure to take some time to learn about the city and more importantly the exact location where you will be staying. You may be there for up to a week. Be very careful about what types of social issues are playing out in that area. Understand how to get out of there if necessary. Know where you are going to spend the next week. If you are forced off the resort don’t be lost a few blocks away.

Understanding locks

It may make you seem like a criminal but it might be time to start understanding locks and how to pick them. You need to learn about shims and various tools that can open locks. In a true survival situation and particularly one that pits you against an unknown area, safe shelter becomes an issue. If you can get into buildings and away from threats it will make a stark difference.


Small Pack

Invest in a small pack. I am talking a micro pack. Something that just holds enough stuff for a short trip and maybe a hydration bladder. These are great. When you are in amusement parks, these are crucial!

Tactical Pen

If you are going into amusement parts or taking an airplane on your vacation you will be highly limited in the types of weapons you can have on your person. There are some tactical pens that can be highly effective in close quarters combat and self-defense.


There are multi tools that do not have knives in them. Even without the knives a sturdy multitool is a great method of protection and a great tool for escape and evasion as well.

Portable Medical kit

Be sure to have reasonable medical kit on your person. This should include way to address low level trauma as well as other types of discomfort like allergies, colds and things like diarrhea. This kit can be pieced together and stored in a single pocket of your backpack.

Kevlar cordage

Whether you get some shoe laces or just carry some cordage that is made of Kevlar you will have something as strong as steel that can be used to saw out of cheap restraints like zip ties or duct tape. Worst case scenario you could also use them to strangle someone.

Make some time for yourself but don’t go unprepared!

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