Urban Survival Intelligence

Why is the idea of urban survival thought to be so fictitious? As a society we are merely one bad hurricane away from the people turning on one another. After hurricane Harvey I saw many families and business owners armed to the teeth outside of their homes and shops. They understood that things changed overnight. They understood that civility breaks down when you take away access to things like electricity, tap water and security.

Survival in an urban environment might be the worst-case scenario in a total collapse but you can make it easier with a little training and the right tools.

While the conversation on urban survival is often dominated by topics like the bugout or tactical equipment, there is a piece of the puzzle that is rarely mentioned. That is urban survival intelligence. For many the extent of their urban survival intelligence plan is a small emergency radio. In the event of a serious disaster that is all they have on hand to make decisions about their future.

There are three powerful tools that you can use to establish a baseline of disaster intelligence to help make your next move. While things like hurricanes give us plenty of advanced warning, we could face a disaster that doesn’t offer us time to evacuate. We may need to make that decision for ourselves. When do you do that and how do you get a flow of information that will help you make that decision?

Police Scanner

Knowing how the police force is fairing out there is critical. By listening in on events and reactions you can glean a lot of knowledge from this little device. What I also like about the police scanner is you will be one of the first to know when the police throw in the towel. If things get bad enough there could come a time when those radios go dead. Then you know its time to get out of dodge!


While your son or daughter may be playing with a drone or some sort of drone technology, you should not overlook these powerful flying cameras in an urban survival situation. Drones can allow you to see things before they come and see the landscape before you attempt to traverse it.  Imagine the value in knowing a highway was stopped up before jumping in the car.


The community is a powerful resource for everyday life. People are suffering from a lack of meaningful relationships in their life. Funny enough, we are surrounded by people! These people are cops, government officials, first responders among other things. You will be surprised what you can learn about a disaster from having open channels of communication among neighbors

Urban survival intelligence can be a powerful tool that will help you make the right decisions when tensions are high.

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