5 Things People Who Carry Concealed Should Do

Clean Firearm Regularly

Cleaning your firearm after shooting is something every firearm owner should do. Cleaning the firearm keeps the mechanical functions of the firearm clean and oiled. When a person decides to concealed carry, having a clean, proper functioning pistol is a must. Consistently carrying a firearm exposes it to various elements. Humidity and moisture can cause the metal in the firearm to rust and corrode. Carrying a firearm inside a waistband also exposes it to clothing lent. Regular cleaning of the firearm will ensure that it functions properly, keep it in it’s best shape and reduce the chance of injury to yourself should your firearm have to be used for self-defense.

Ammunition Matters

The investment in a firearm makes clear sense and a firearm without ammunition is just an expensive paperweight. Buying the cheapest ammunition at the store to put in the firearm for self-defense is extremely short-sighted. Having the proper ammunition in a self-defense situation could mean life or death. Almost every ammunition company has self-defense rounds for nearly every caliber pistol. Spending time and money on this type of ammunition is something all concealed carry holders should do.

Keep Your Holster In Top Condition

Kydex holsters are a very popular choice for concealed carry and trusted by many. These holsters are thermoplastic molds of a specific firearm. They are known to keep the firearm firm in the holster with strategically placed screws. Repeatedly putting the holster in the waistband and removing it can cause the screws to become loose. Regularly checking and tightening the screws in the holster will make the holster perform as it should.

Stay Informed about Your States Laws

First, not following firearm laws could not only cause one to lose their concealed carry rights but could also end in serious jail time. Firearms are a hot-button issue in today’s political climate so keeping up with what laws are passed nationally and on a state level is essential. For local laws, check the department that issues concealed carry permits/licenses. Bookmarking this page and checking it periodically will keep the permit/license holder informed. Many websites and blogs are dedicated to firearms and the laws that affect them. When it comes to staying legal, research is part of carrying a firearm from day to day.


The phrase “practice makes perfect” is a popular one when it comes to firearms. This is likely true if the only practice is at the range however, one may be caught off guard in a real-life situation. When someone decides to commit a violent act on another person, it is usually sudden and unpredictable. Investing in practice firearms and dummy rounds is a wise choice. Practice firearms are the same size as the regular firearm and allow the user to practice drawing the firearm from a concealed holster with no danger as they get comfortable doing the action. Dummy rounds can help the shooter work through clearing gun jams and changing magazines. Practicing for something to go wrong in a violent confrontation allows the concealed carry holder to adjust and adapt in a real-life situation.

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