FBI Stats Reveal Knives are Responsible for 5 Times More Murders than Rifles

It is not a surprise crime rate has increased over the last few years. News is circling, indicating knives are more than five times as likely to be used as murder weapons than rifles are.

If you look at 21018 crime statistics all the way till now, there are more and more details surfacing. Studies are showing more murders involve knives rather than guns. The facts focus Particularly on the types of weapons used in murders. Rifles are lumped into a category of firearm weapons used to kill 297 people in 2018. In contrast, knives and other cutting devices were the murder weapon for 1,515 murders over the last recent years!

The rifle category of firearms is very broad and one that is comprised of bolt, pump, and lever-action firearms. In addition to semi-automatic firearms, such as AR-15s. A compromise suggesting, semi-automatic rifles comprise an even smaller number than the 297 total murders committed by rifles.

To sum up the category of firearms used in murders, 10,265 of the 14,123 firearms accounted for murders assessed in 2018!

Handguns are usually the primary firearm used in murders. Counting 6,603 of handgun firearm-related murders. While shotguns were said to be used in 235 murders. “Other guns” were calculated for 167 and “other” unidentified firearms counted for the 2,963 remaining firearms-related murders. Check the link to the Facts more on this matter. Visit

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