How to Become an NRA-Training Instructor

Learning proper use of a firearm is critical if you are going to carry a concealed weapon. However, if you are ready to take the next step and help others become safe, responsible owners of handguns, then perhaps you should become an NRA instructor.

As you’ll see, the process to becoming an NRA instructor may be more accessible than you thought; while it does take time, commitment, and effort, you don’t need to be an experienced military expert or law-enforcement officer to train others in the responsible use of firearms.

Here’s how you can become an NRA instructor

1. First, you will have to complete basic pistol training.

2. Next, you will need to possess a clean background in firearms safety and have the appropriate shooting skills, which will be acquired through previous experience. You’ll also have to understand the basic action types for each disciple that you wish to teach. For example, you will need an intimate understanding of semi-automatic handguns to teach the use of this type.

3. You will also need to demonstrate proper firearms handling, which will be evaluated during a firearms-training session. This will include pre-course questionnaires, as well as qualification exercises. This evaluation will be completed by an NRA Appointed Training Counselor.

4. Once the previous steps are complete, you will have to complete an NRA Instructor Training Course, which will focus on the specific discipline you will to instruct. (For example, you can complete an Instructor Training Course for the NRA’s Basic Pistol Course.) Once completed properly, you will receive an endorsement as an NRA Training Counselor.

When you have fulfilled the requirements, you’ll have the skills and knowledge needed to build the future of safe, responsible, effective handgun ownership, which is essential for maintaining the right to carry and conceal personal-protection weapons.

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