Excellent Concealed-Carry Firearms from Ruger

Strum, Ruger, and Co. Inc, best known simply as “Ruger,” is one of the most popular firearms manufacturers in the country. Based in Connecticut, this American brand makes a wide range of effective firearms, including rifles, revolvers, and pistols.

While many of their handguns are effective for personal protection, these are four of the top handguns from Ruger for concealed-carry purposes.

Ruger LCRx .38 Special

LCR stands for “Lightweight Carry Revolver”, and this weapon in particular uses a top-quality trigger system that reduces friction, giving the double-action trigger a smooth pull. The Ruger LCRx, however, has an exposed hammer that enables single-action shooting, which can be more effective for accurate shot placement.

Ruger Security 9

Using a “Secure Action” system, the Ruger Security 9 is effective, accurate, and affordable. It carries a total of 16 (15 + 1) 9mm Luger cartridges, yet has an overall length of only 7.24 inches, making it a manageable option for concealment. It also has a detailed sight system and an internal hammer for easier slide activation.

Ruger LCP II

The LCP lineup from Ruger is a series of small yet effective handguns. The LCP II has improved sights and a striker-fired-type trigger, as well as a slide lock on the final round. This is one of the most convenient weapons to conceal, making it a top option for concealed-carry permit owners who want to maintain a convenient profile.

Ruger EC9s

Slim, light, and compact, the EC9s holds 8 total rounds (7 + 1) of 9mm ammunition and has a shot barrel length of only 3.12 inches. It has integral sights, an alloy-steel slide and a glass-filled nylon grip for confident draw and fire. Despite the advantages,  it weights just over a pound. (17.2 ounces.)

Any of these concealed-carry handguns from Luger will give you effective concealment with reliable power, performance, and accuracy.

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