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Many CCW gun owners focus all their attention on finding the right weapon, ammunition, and accessories for their own personal situation. They often forget that having the wrong holster can defeat the advantages of their choices. If your concealed carry pistol isn’t comfortable to carry, easily concealed, or provides for a smooth and fast draw when you need it, then your weapon decreases in effectiveness. Luckily, there are many great choices on the market when it comes to holsters.

Remember, your pick of holsters is a lot like trying out a new pair of shoes, you have to decide what fits best for you. Here are a few good choices for CCW holsters in 2019:

Best Concealed Carry Holster Choices For 2020

  • ComfortTac Belly Band. The belly band holster is a favorite choice for many people. It’s comfortable in most situations, easy to conceal, and you can easily reach your gun. The ComforTac is designed to work with almost any handgun. Since it’s constructed from elastic neoprene, it is very durable and will fit any waist size up to 44”. It can be worn inside or outside the waistband and in any position such as cross draw, on the hip, behind the back or as a shoulder holster. It also has a convenient carry pouch for extra mags.
  • Gould & Goodrich Gold Line Shoulder Holster. For those who prefer a shoulder holster at least for some situations, the G & D Gold Line is a great choice. It fits any type of Glock and many other models too. It’s well made from attractive tanned leather and includes a carry pouch for two extra mags.
  • Galco Ankle Holster.  We believe one of the best concealed carry options, especially for back-up guns, is an ankle holster. Made from quality leather with an adjustable strap, Galco products are an affordable and effective choice for those with smaller weapons.
  • Alien Gear OWB ShapeShift. This company has earned a reputation for innovative and versatile holster designs, and this one is no exception. They make their holsters to custom fit the make and model of your preferred CCW handgun. Works equally well for inside or outside the waistband carry. Another great aspect is of this holster, the pistol retention can be adjust to your personal preference. Made to ride high for best comfort and conceal-ability. Durable and made to last a lifetime.

Good concealed Carry Holsters

It’s hard to overemphasize the importance of choosing a good CCW holster. It not only has to be easy to conceal but also allow you to easily grab your weapon. You want your holster to prevent your gun from dropping or prevent it from any open easy. Of course, the gun control advocates don’t want you to be able to effectively carry concealed. They would rather you be empty of any gun access and be completely helpless. Exercise your God-given gun rights by making sure your CCW setup is the best it can be for your personal protection requirements.


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