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gun pictures

Gun Pictures: Should I Be Posting My Guns on Reddit?

What if a single moment could ruin your entire life? That’s what happens to many gun owners when they post gun pictures to sites such as Reddit. It may seem fun at the time, and gun owners may feel confident their identity is protected behind an anonymous online handle. However,

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What is a "May Issue" State?

May Issue States: Is Your State One Of Them?

The Second Amendment specifies one of your most important rights. But what if you don’t know enough about exercising those rights in your own state? For example, many gun owners are enthusiastic about getting a concealed carry permit. But before you can apply, it’s important to know whether you live

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Pennsylvania's Governor Wolf vetoed a recent concealed carry bill.

Governor Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania Vetoes Concealed Carry Bill

When it comes to gun laws, the specifics can change from state to state. In many states, law-abiding citizens can carry their firearms concealed without a specific permit. In Pennsylvania, along with several states, however, citizens must get a license for concealed carry. Did Pennsylvania pass constitutional carry? Senate Bill

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buy a gun in Alabama

Legally Buy a Gun in Alabama: Your Complete Guide

Purchasing a firearm is a popular choice for those wanting to protect their home and family. State laws make it simple to buy a gun in Alabama because no permit or license is required to complete the transaction.  You might request an Alabama Pistol Permit, though, because it allows you

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Own a gun in Colorado

How to Buy a Gun in Colorado

Acquiring a firearm is a critical step to take when the goal is protecting your home and family. It doesn’t take much to buy a gun in Colorado because no permit or registration is necessary before making the purchase, and open carry is legal in much of the state. You

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