Food Preservation Tips

Food in a survival situation can come from many different sources. I must say, you will not be able to be picky here. You may hate fish, but fish is some of the easiest protein you can come by, almost as easy as bugs.

It won’t be long before you realize the real struggle that goes into finding food in the wild. Even if you are adept at foraging, those roots and leaves will only take you so far. Protein is the key in a survival situation. You will want to find a way to trap small game, shoot them or fish for protein. Traps can be much more effective than you think.

A day in the life of a survivor will be much different than your normal life. There are no cubicles in the wild to sit in and relax. Your caloric demand will be greater than normal, but the sad truth is you will likely not meet them.

But, what happens when you do take down a deer or hit the mother load on fish? You cannot eat it all at once and even if you did what good would it do you? You must have a way to preserve the food you find, catch and kill.


The battle against bacteria starts with moisture. If you can eliminate moisture you can seriously slow the growth of bacteria. Use thin slices or pieces of meat. Salt does this very well and coating food in salt can preserve it for a very long time.


Of course, the trouble with salt is, in the wild you will likely not have access to it unless you are near the coast. Thin sliced meats can also be dried with hot smoke from a fire. The meat should be hung and smoked for hours at a time, until it is dried and has lost its springy raw texture.

Sun Drying

This method can be combined with the smoking. It can also be done on its own. This is a great method for drying fruits that you find in the wild as well. That delicious sundried cherry, persimmon or even berry can last for days and be a great little snack.

In survival you will have great days where food and water come easy. It all comes down to recognizing those days and planning for those days when resources are hard to find.

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