The Top 3 Survival Weapons to Have During a Disaster

If you want to stir up a serious debate, talk about survival weapons. Those things that you take into a collapsed world or into a situation where survival is harsh and terrible are very important to some of us.

We are going to choose weapons that would not only help us survive the natural world but also the human element. Survival after a disaster or in a full-scale collapse of the nation requires more than a .22 rifle.

Now, I am not into deals. Not a big fan of the old “5 items on a desert island’ but there is some useful information you can glean from these weapons choices. Your weapons are about much more than their implicit purpose. Its how they work and the affect they have on others that’s important as well.

Bow and Arrow

I want one weapon that can be remade over and over. I want to depend on a weapon that can be made from the world around me and hopefully the projectiles can be as well. This is why the bow and arrow are so important. You can use other bushcraft weapons, if you’d like. I think the bow and arrow is going to be the most efficient.

I also like having an option for shooting in silence. I do not want a gun alarming everyone if I am hunting. In a desperate survival situation this could just bring more trouble.

The bushcraft weapon is a very important part of the survivor’s loadout. It could be something as simple as a bamboo spear, but it will always be there and can be remade when it runs out.

Close Combat Blade

Next, I want a close combat blade. This doesn’t have to be a knife, but I would favor a fixed blade, full tang, high quality knife over most other options. Close combat is an ugly thing and it can happen between desperate people or even wildlife and yourself. Having something you can conceal and call on in less than a second is important.

I am also a fan of the tomahawk or tactical tomahawk. The Siege from Kershaw is a devastating weapon that handles well and could really put the odds in your favor in close quarters combat.

Intimidation Weapon

In any survival situation I want to have a weapon that speaks for itself. I think that those weapons, like the ones that are being flogged in the public today, in a survival situation make all the difference. You might think of an AR15 but there are tons of weapons that have highly effective calibers and just look like something you do not want to take rounds from. The CZ Scorpion comes to mind and Palmetto State Amory is putting out an MP5 clone that might fit the bill as well.

The extended mags on these weapons are also a warning to those who would wish to bother you or your possessions. All that said, a nice tactical shotgun is also an intimidation weapon.

While many people will tell you that these weapons are all for show or will merely put you in more danger, I would rather have one and find out than not have one and be in danger anyway.

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