Glock 19: A Top Firearm for Concealed Carry

There are many excellent manufacturers for concealed-carry firearms, but one of the best is Glock. This company has a reputation for simple, effective, lightweight firearms that are trusted by law enforcement, military personnel, and private citizens all across the globe.

Glock, an Austrian company, has many trusted firearms, including the Glock 19. The handgun comes in the “Gen4” version and other variations, and if you are considering a concealed-carry firearm, the it remains one of the best options available.

Compact Dimensions for Reliable Conceal

The Glock 19 is not necessarily considered a “compact” firearm, like snub-nosed revolvers or the Glock 26, but it has dimensions that make it preferable for concealed-carry purposes. It measures 7.28 inches in length and 5 inches in height, and has a width of only 1.18 inches. Fully loaded (it takes 9x19mm ammo, which is usually called “9mm Luger” in the U.S.), it weights less than two pounds, making it a light, manageable firearm for people of all skill levels and uses.

Full Magazine, Despite the Size

Some concealed-carry firearms are criticized for not carrying enough ammunition, but with the Glock 19, the standard magazine holds 15 rounds of 9mm Luger ammo. You can also choose magazines with capacities or 10 or 17, and if you prefer, you can order a magazine holding 33, although this is rarely ideal for concealed carry.

For many handgun owners, the Glock 19, or one of its variations, remains the ideal choice when choosing a concealed-carry weapon. It’s easy to use properly, has a compact size, and comes with enough rounds for superior personal defense. If you are trying to choose a concealed-carry handgun, you should test the Glock 19 before making a purchase.

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