Concealed Coalition Holiday Gift Guide: Personal Pepper Spray

Holiday Gift Guide: Personal Pepper Spray Unit

Hello Concealed Coalition! Austin Davis here with a holiday thought: this year, maybe think about giving the gift of safety.

We all have those people in our lives that we really want to give a gift – but a thoughtful holiday gift. Something that says, “we love you and we care about you” without breaking the bank.

Small but Mighty: The Personal Pepper Spray Unit

This is my favorite go-to holiday gift: It is a POM Personal Pepper Spray. You can get them on Amazon for about $12 each. Got more than one person to shop for? If you buy the personal pepper spray units in bulk, you can actually get the price down to even less than that. 

But at the end of the day, what else can you get for $12 that gives a loved one this much value? A personal pepper spray unit can provide a year’s supply of safety for those situations between profanity and a pistol where the problem can be solved with a simple tool.

Putting the Gift to the Test

Testing out your personal pepper spray
It’s important to have your loved one test out their new personal pepper spray unit so they feel confident in using it should that time ever come.

Just this one tiny little Christmas gift can protect people all year long, but it’s not enough to simply give them the gift. 

Make sure to take your friend or family member outside with their new personal pepper spray. Watch which way the wind is blowing, then let them flip the top and practice spraying it one time in a short burst. This will allow them to figure out how far it goes and in what pattern it sprays.

Once they’ve tested the unit, take it inside, get some hot, soapy water, and wash the tip off. After any test spray, it’s inevitable that a little pepper spray will have gotten onto this tip. If it is touched later on and the handler makes contact with their eye, it might just dampen the joy of the holiday gift.

So this holiday season, show your loved ones how deeply you care for them by giving them the gift of safety. Empower them to join you in being guardians always and warriors when needed.

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