How to Respond When You’re Asked for Gun Recommendations

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Hello Concealed Coalition! Austin Davis here with another holiday tip for you.

Since you are part of the Concealed Coalition family, you are likely known as the go-to gun person in your social circle. So this holiday season, you may get someone asking you, “Hey, what type of gun do you carry, and what type of gun would you recommend I carry?”

What to Do When Asked for Gun Recommendations

If you get asked for gun recommendations this holiday, it’s important to have a plan in place. 

First off, remember that whatever type of firearm you carry has no relevance to their question. When I get asked for gun recommendations, I never discuss what I carry because the firearm I carry is for my own use based on my unique talents, skillsets, and needs.

As a matter of fact, their issues may be completely different than yours. Because just due to the fact that you’re part of the Concealed Coalition family, you’re already probably more confident than the average person with a firearm.

So ask yourself a few questions before giving gun recommendations to your loved ones:

Holiday gun recommendations

Should they even be owning a gun?

Are these people who have violent tempers? Are these people who are substance abusers? Are these people who are getting up to a certain age where they’re going to have some cognitive issues? Are these people that don’t really need a gun but they may still need a self-defense tool?

Is there an alternative to owning a gun that might be right for them?

As you know, pepper spray makes a great gap weapon that is probably far more useful than a firearm for most people in personal protection. This could be a good recommendation for someone who may not be ready for a firearm but still wants a good intermediate use-of-force tool.

So at the end of the day, focus on the needs and strengths of your friends and family members, as well as how much they’re committed to handling a firearm. You should also factor in whether or not they’re going to carry it or if it’s for home protection. Carefully weighing all these factors will allow you to give informed advice to those in need.

And this holiday season and beyond, remember to be a guardian always and a warrior when needed.

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