How Many Rounds Are Needed for Effective Concealed Carry?

How many rounds is enough for your concealed-carry weapon? Like holster position, cartridge size, and when you carry, this is a deeply personal choice that you need to consider thoroughly.

While the final decision is up to you, there are some universal factors that you should consider…

Size of Cartridge Should Not Dictate Amount of Ammo

One of the most important concepts that you should understand is that no matter what type of cartridge you carry, from .22 Shorts to .45 ACP, the size of the cartridge should not determine how many rounds you carry. There are simply too many variables to consider, and one altercation is never the same as another. Simply put, you can’t say that, for example, because you carry powerful .45 ACP rounds that you don’t need more ammunition.

The More Rounds You Have, They Better Prepared You Will Be

Most altercations will be resolved after less than four shots, but that doesn’t mean all altercations will be resolved with less than four shots. When you are dealing with personal defense issues, the more ammunition you have, the better prepared you will be, and readiness is, after all, the reason to carry.

As Ammunition Count Rises, Concealment Declines

Be aware that even with smaller cartridges, if you carry more rounds, it will be harder to conceal your weapon. Whether you carry a longer clip (which creates significant concealment issues) or have more magazines, as you add rounds to your carry, it will become harder to conceal your weapon and accessories.

Like all things in concealed-carry debates, there is no correct answer. Some people will be perfectly comfortable with six rounds and would not be comfortable with multiple magazines or an elongated clip. Others, on the other hand, feel that this is not enough for personal protection. It’s likely best to try carrying various amounts and let your personal comfort guide your decision.

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