How Much Target Practice is Need for Concealed-Carry Firearm Owners?

As a concealed-carry owner, it’s your responsibility to maintain proficiency, accuracy, and safety with your weapon. The hope is that you never have to use your firearm to protect yourself and your loved ones, but if you do, you must be comfortable and competent.

This brings us to the issue of target practice. How much target practice should you have, and what should be the nature of your training?

How Much Time at the Range?

It seems like common sense, but there is actually scientific evidence that the quality and frequency of firearms training will impact how someone reacts during an emergency, and untrained gun owners are often ineffective at defending themselves or others.

So how much time should you spend at the range? Actually, you shouldn’t think about time, but about the number of rounds. While recommendations can vary depending on who you ask, a good recommendation is at least 50 rounds of target practice a month. To maintain proficiency, expelling at least 50 rounds from your concealed-carry firearm will give you the foundation of proficiency you need to be a responsible gun owner.

Bring Variety to Your Training

When it comes to emergency situations, they are not as predictable and straightforward as target shooting. Therefore, you need to practice with various drills and at varying distances.

Most self-defense situations will happen up close, so you should first become proficient at placing shots on-target at five feet, then move out to longer ranges. In emergencies, you will also be moving, so it’s best to practice drills such as walk-back, lateral movements, draw and fire, and far-middle-near drills.

By maintaining responsible proficiency, you not only increase your chances of being able to defend yourself in an emergency, you also act as a better ambassador for concealed-carry rights.

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