The Legal Dangers Of Gun Mods

Many gun owners might say they just want improved accuracy, a CCW that’s lighter and more compact, more comfortable to shoot, and well, just because it’s cool. What some people fail to think of is that mods have recently become a gun rights issue in the case of bump stocks. And so do the prosecutors you’ll face in court if you’re ever in a situation where you have to defend yourself with your weapon. Those modifications can and probably will be used against you

You’ll Be Under Intense Scrutiny

If you ever have to use your weapon in self-defense, you’ll immediately be under intense scrutiny. Your weapon will hold as evidence, and be rigorously on examination. It’ll be dusted for fingerprints and tested for DNA, and taken apart to examine its functionality and whether it differs from factory specs. Any modifications will be included in the crime lab report, as well as the ammunition used. 

It would be great if prosecutors were simply interested in seeing justice and would decline to press charges in a clearly justifiable shooting. But the reality is that many are ambitious and try to rack up as many convictions as possible. Many prosecutors are anti-gun. 

Jury members, especially in urban areas, often know very little about guns. They only know what they’ve seen on TV and in the movies. Although, of course what they see in the MSM too. A prosecutor thinks they can convince a jury about your gun modifications. They try prove that you were negligent or reckless, or that you’re just a trigger-happy killer looking for a fight. Unfortunately, they will, and that might lead to you being convicted of manslaughter or, in extreme cases, murder.  

For instance, if you’ve have the trigger pull on modify, even if you’re testifying that you will not pull the trigger intentionally, it can be your fault against you. A prosecutor could argue that you’re not being truthful, because of your non-standard light trigger pull. So, you accidentally discharged your weapon, possibly leaving you open to a charge of negligent homicide. It does happen. This Is even more likely in a civil suit where the stakes and the standards of evidence are less. 

Be On Guard 

This isn’t to argue that you shouldn’t make modifications to your concealed carry weapon. Your safety is the first and foremost concern. Just be aware that they can be used against you, and be prepared to put up a good legal defense

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