The Problems with Gun Control

It seems like every time there is another mass shooting or an act of terror, there are people who are pushing for more gun control. Of course, something can be done to stop the senseless gun violence and the unnecessary loss of life. Every human life is important and nobody wants to lose loved ones. On the other hand, there are several problems with arguments that push for increased gun control. By addressing the problems with the basic arguments for increased control of firearms, hopefully, people will be forced to find a more reasonable solution than reducing the gun rights of law-abiding citizens. 

Increased Gun Regulation is Discriminatory

When people push for increased gun regulation, they are protecting one group while discriminating against the rights of others. This has happened before in history, such as after the Civil War here and prior to World War II in Europe. The results are never good. By increasing gun regulation, people are discriminating against the concealed Community and those with Concealed Carry permits. The Concealed Coalition will be hurt by increased gun regulation, which in reality does not make people safer, but discriminates against those with a CCW permit.

Gun Regulation Demonstrates a Misapplication of Blame

Whenever a mass shooting takes place, the media will blame the same things. They attack guns, cite mental illness, and sometimes even target celebrities. Violence is not new. Prior to guns, there were many mass killings. The weapon was simply different.

What has changed is that people have become desensitized to violence. Take a look at the movies or watch kids play video games. Violence is glorified today.  Instead of blaming guns for mass killings, why not try to affect a shift in culture? The problem may not be guns but on the people and our shift in culture.

What Needs to be Done

For those who truly wish for an end to gun violence, it is important to educate yourselves and others. The concealed community needs to teach others, especially children, about respect for human life.

The concealed coalition needs to focus on gun safety. This is one of the highlights of the concealed carry classes prior to getting a CCW permit. Focus on trying to affect change through increased morality instead of increased regulation. This is how to make a lasting difference.

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