Greater Gun Control Restrictions Only Lead to Creation of More Ghost Guns

There are CCW laws and generous gun rights that allow us to legally own firearms. In the U.S., law enforcement officials bring up ghost guns. They are illegal with no legitimate serial numbers! Ghost guns are rapidly growing in numbers due to the increased gun control restrictions. Also, regulations over guns rights required for legal ownership.

Why Ghost Guns are So Much More Dangerous than Legal Guns

Law enforcement authorities indicate that the government increases the gun control restrictions. This is for legal gun ownership. More people can expect to begin to manufacture their own more than ever before. They also say that these homemade guns are more dangerous than those carried by people. By people who legally follow concealed carry laws and it is concerning. Here are a few reasons why:

Ghost guns are not legally registered, therefore there is no way to check on a person’s background to see if there is some indication of past violent behavior that may be an issue in the future.

These unregulated homemade guns are a potential threat to the general public as well as the owner of the gun because they are often haphazardly built and certainly not to the operating standards required for firearms – meaning they could malfunction at any time and harm someone.

Many of the homemade guns are made from plastic, which makes them virtually undetectable. When parts such as the firing pin are not in place, they can pass right through a metal detector without issue.

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Gun Control Regulation Continues with No End in Sight for Ghost Guns

While, there is no federal statutory law governing the issuance of concealed carry permits. Every state in the country has CCW laws that allow those qualified to do so. Unfortunately, law enforcement officials agree that ghost guns will continue to be a serious issue in the U.S.. Do not expect legislation anytime soon that will actually be able to put an end to these homemade ghost guns made by criminals.   

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