Top 5 States for Concealed-Carry Rights

What is the top state for concealed-carry laws? Everyone will have a different opinion, so we consulted a few sources in an attempt to find the answer.


To make our list, we looked at three different articles. The first two were rankings of the best states for concealed carry from Guns & Ammo, and Washington Times. The #1 state in each article was given five point, the #2 state given four points, #3 got three points, #4 received two, and #5 received one point.

For the third source, we looked at an article on top states for non-resident license from Each state on this list was given one point.

#5:  Florida (2 Points)

Florida is a leader in concealed-carry laws, issuing permits to both resident and non-resident gun owners. It also has strong use-of-force laws, allowing citizens to defend themselves when needed.

#4: Wyoming (3 Points)

Wyoming has high-quality permit and permit-less concealed carry laws. According to the NRA, there is no required permit to carry for handguns, and their permits are recognized by many states, including all bordering states.

#3: Alaska (5 Points)

Alaska allows concealed carry without a permit, but residents can get a permit that is recognized in many states across the Lower 48 according to the NRA. Anyone in Alaska can carry a concealed weapon but they must disclose possession to an officer of the law.

#2: Utah (9 Points)

Utah ranked high in both rankings and appeared in the list for non-resident rights. Utah permits are recognized by many states and has low fees for its permit application and renewal. They also have a right to carry in restaurants, which is restricted by many states.

#1: Arizona (11 Points)

According to many sources, not just the ones we used, Arizona is the top state for concealed-carry rights. For the Guns and Ammo article, Arizona had excellent marks in permits, application fees, and stand-your-ground laws.

Of course, many will feel their state has superior gun laws, but according to our sources, these are the best states for concealed-carry rights.

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