Improving Your Firearms Storage to Prepare for the Holidays

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Hello Concealed Coalition! Austin Davis here with another holiday safety tip – this time surrounding firearms storage.

Three Factors When it Comes to Firearms Storage 

If you’ve ever spent more than five minutes around me, you know as far as I’m concerned, there’s only three places for a firearm:

  1. In the hands of a rational, sober, trained, competent adult
  2. Attached by a holster or sling to the body of a rational, sober, trained, competent adult
  3. Locked away from anybody who doesn’t meet the above criteria

Always Room for an Upgrade

This holiday season, no matter how well we think we are doing with our firearms storage practices and policies, we might all want to consider upgrading them just a bit.

Maybe you’re one of those people who doesn’t stick all their guns in a secure location because you live by yourself, but this holiday season you have people coming over.

Maybe you’re going into someone’s home that has unsecured firearms and you have children in the mix.

Maybe you’re going to spend the night at a hotel or at a family or a friend’s house, and you have to have a place to put that firearm when it is not attached to your body.

Importance of having proper firearms storage

Enter the Holiday Season with Safety

So this holiday season, let’s make sure we have all the joy and fun times with family that are not harmed by a near miss or a catastrophe involving a poor firearms storage plan. Firearm safety as a responsible gun owner is the foundation of all skillsets, and it’s always even more important when we mix with others this holiday season.

With that in mind, please double, triple, and quadruple check your firearms to ensure they are safely and properly stored. If you’re looking for additional information about the safe care and storage of your firearms, be sure to check out some of our videos on YouTube, or consider joining Concealed Coalition University for our vast library of online safety courses.

And you probably know what I’m about to say, but remember to be a guardian always and a warrior when needed.

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