What to Consider Before Buying a Concealed-Carry Purse

Concealed-carry purses are gaining popularity. Allowing for enhanced comfort and convenience, these female-friendly accessories provide a popular yet slightly controversial way to carry a firearm.

So should you use a concealed-carry purse? Like everything involving firearms, you need to be fully informed and consider all the factors before making a decision.

Benefits of a Concealed-Carry Purse

Comfort is likely the most cited advantage of a conceal carry purse. With “off-body” carry, you won’t have a gun or holster digging into your side when you sit or bend over. (Of course, if it’s uncomfortable, you should find another way to carry.)

Using a concealed-carry purse also allows you to virtually eliminate “printing,” or an inadvertent display of the firearm due to a brushed-aside jacket or lifted pant leg. The firearm stays contained in the purse, which reduces your chances of trouble from open-carry or brandishing laws.

Disadvantages of a Concealed-Carry Purse

The top disadvantage that usually comes up with concealed-carry purses is the issue of access. Unlike having an on-body weapon, it can be more difficult to access and draw the firearm quickly because of flaps, zippers, and the mere position of the bag in relation to your body.

The other disadvantage is the fact that you could potentially drop the purse in a moment of need, lose it, or even have the purse stolen, which means your firearm is now in the hands of a criminal.

In the end, the decision should be a personal choice that takes into account all of these factors; if you find you are uncomfortable with off-body carry, then don’t use a purse. And remember, only carry a firearm in a purse specifically designed for conceal carry and never keep your firearm in a general pouch with loose items.

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