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New Year's Resolutions for defensive living

New Year’s Resolutions for Defensive Living

The new year brings a lot of possibilities with it. It’s your opportunity to not only reflect upon the last 12 months, but to create goals and set intentions for the year ahead. When it comes to crafting New Year’s resolutions for the coming year, self-defense and defensive living don’t

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Common Questions About Constitutional Carry

What is constitutional carry? Constitutional carry is the carrying of a handgun, either openly or concealed, without some form of license or permit. In some states this is also known as “permitless carry.” Constitutional or permitless carry reflects the view that the Second Amendment does not allow for restrictions on

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Trigger Discipline Cover Photo

Trigger Discipline

If you are in a self-defense situation, or perhaps trying to shoot targets quickly at the range, traditional logic might suggest that you should have your finger on the trigger so that you can make quick shots when you need to. This is also what we see in most movies,

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What is a Ghost Gun?

You’ve probably heard the term “ghost gun” uttered on the nightly news or among chatter at least once in your life, so what are they? To put it simply, a ghost gun is an unserialized and untraceable firearm. These guns are mostly developed from “ghost gun kits,” which are usually

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Pennsylvania's Governor Wolf vetoed a recent concealed carry bill.

Governor Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania Vetoes Concealed Carry Bill

When it comes to gun laws, the specifics can change from state to state. In many states, law-abiding citizens can carry their firearms concealed without a specific permit. In Pennsylvania, along with several states, however, citizens must get a license for concealed carry. Did Pennsylvania pass constitutional carry? Senate Bill

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Firearm and ammunition displayed

The US Ammo Shortage: How It Started and How It’s Going

Empty ammo shelves at gun stores and the dreaded “out of stock” banners have gun owners in the US feeling frustrated. The shortage that started back at the beginning of 2020 is still dragging on, even after production has sped up. Ammo has become very difficult to find, and when

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