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Places that don’t allow concealed carry actually increase the risk of a bad actor harming everyday Americans. The fact that public concealed carry makes people far safer is a tough pill for anti-gun activists to swallow. That’s because they are generally acting out of a fear that has overwhelmed their ability to think through gun safety in a logical way. The ant-Second Amendment crowd sees carrying guns in public as a threat because firearms are weapons. Understandably, it’s hard for members of the concealed carry community to empathize with these timid rabbits. However, education is a crucial component in making people understand that carrying guns in public places equals gun safety. These are items responsible gun owners need to know.

How Many States Allow Open Carry Guns?

Despite the best efforts to gut the Second Amendment, anti-firearm zealots have only managed to ban handgun open carry in five states and the District of Columbia. Of course, that’s five states too many. Fifteen states require a responsible gun owner to secure a permit, and 30 do not. These are the six places that reportedly banned open carry.

According to resources such as, the best gun law states — or gold star open carry states — include Alaska, Montana, North Carolina, Vermont, Arkansas, and 10 others.

Public Places that Don’t Allow Concealed Carry or Open Carry

Although the majority of states remain relatively gun-friendly, there are still strange rules and regulations regarding open and concealed carry. These so-called “gun-free zones” tend to be the least safe places for community members and have repeatedly been the target of bad actors. They also pose a risk for responsible concealed carry gun owners because you could unknowingly enter one and get arrested. These are some of the strange places that could trip you up.

  • U.S. Post Office: Concealed carry is generally banned even in the parking lot.
  • National Parks: Imagine hiking up in the Appalachians and not being able to carry deep in the wilderness. Odd.
  • Public Housing: Proposed gun bans in public housing have been making their way through the court system. As of April 2019, such laws have reportedly been deemed unconstitutional. Expect an appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court by anti-gun forces.
  • Public Schools: Gun laws by state vary on this issue in the wake of school shootings. Some states moved to create hard bans. Others enlisted teachers and administrators to take gun safety courses and protect children by securing firearms in the facility. An armed protector remains the best defense against a bad actor.
  • Toy Guns: As bizarre as this sounds, states such as Massachusetts, Maryland, and others have pushed rules to ban toy guns in public.
  • Gun Ranges: This seems like a head-scratcher, but some local municipalities have tried to ban outdoor public gun ranges. Such rules are a blatant attempt to use a backdoor to ban firearms in general.

It’s essential for concealed carry advocates to check local, state, and federal laws for guidance. It’s all-too-common for responsible gun owners to innocently walk into a gun-free zone and suffer a penalty.

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