Carrying in your vehicle: 5 Concealed carrying Rules

5 Rules To Follow When Carrying in Your Vehicle

To ensure the safety of yourself and those around you, it is crucial to follow the concealed carry tips. Follow the rules when in your vehicle.


Be Aware of State Laws – When carrying your gun in your vehicle be aware of the rules and regulations of each state you plan to travel through to avoid any complications. These rules can vary widely and may require you to store your firearm in a separate part of your vehicle.

Make Law Enforcement Aware of Your Firearm if Stopped – Law enforcement can be put on high alert when they find a firearm in a vehicle. If you come in contact with a police officer for any reasons, inform the officer that you have your gun in your car. Make sure you specify you have the appropriate license to carry it. Never reach for your firearm

around law enforcement.

Secure Your Firearm – The laws of each state may vary on where you can have your firearm in the vehicle, but it should also be safely and properly secured at all times, whether it is in a lock box, the trunk, or a holster. An unsecured firearm can be extremely dangerous in the event an accident occurs. Your ammunition should always be secure somewhere safe in accordance with state laws.

Choose the Right Holster – If you are in a state that allows you to carry a firearm within reach, having the appropriate holster is critical in the case you ever need to defend yourself. Many of us have our holsters secured behind the seat or in an area out of arm’s reach. That is not recommended. It can make it difficult if you need to grab it quickly.

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Instead, consider a quick release holster that secures to the side door panel or under the front seat.

Always have the appropriate permits – When traveling with your firearm you should always make sure you have the appropriate permits with you and that they are quickly accessible when needed. Whether you use your firearm or are simply stopped, you may have to produce this paperwork immediately.

By following a few simple rules and tips, you can safely travel from state to state with your firearm. Whether you need it for protection on the road, or for use at your final destination, following travel safety tips, knowing state laws, and having your CCW handy will prevent problems from occurring.

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