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Excellent Concealed-Carry Handguns from SIG Sauer

If you choose a concealed-carry handgun from SIG Sauer, you are likely making a wise choice. All of their forearms are reliable and consistent, but these are four of the best options for concealed-carry permit owners. P238 Built to be accurate and concealable, the P238 is an all-metal firearm that

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Remember the Fundamental Rules of Gun Safety At All Times

Gun safety is a crucial component of owning firearms. Proper handling of a firearm not only makes the practice less deadly, it also helps promote safe and responsible use; if you believe in the right to bear arms, then maintaining safety, which creates a stronger public image for those rights,

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Glock 19: A Top Firearm for Concealed Carry

There are many excellent manufacturers for concealed-carry firearms, but one of the best is Glock. This company has a reputation for simple, effective, lightweight firearms that are trusted by law enforcement, military personnel, and private citizens all across the globe. Glock, an Austrian company, has many trusted firearms, including the

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What is the Appropriate Age to Teach a Child Gun Safety?

We’ve discussed the importance of gun safety training for adults, especially those that choose to carry a concealed weapon. But if you’re a parent? You’re probably wondering, like many parents, when to introduce your children to firearms and gun safety. While it will depend on your personal comfort level and

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The Importance of Gun Safety Training

There is a lot of disagreement when it comes to firearms. However, there is one topic that almost no one disagrees with: the importance of firearms safety training. From learning to shoot a .22-caliber rifle as a youth to learning responsible draw-and-fire practices for a concealed handgun, the need for

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Texas Concealed Carry Gun Laws and Reciprocity Map

Understanding the Three Basic Holster Types

Are you trying to choose a holster type for your concealed-carry handgun? Take a look at the three common types to see which one may be right for you. Waistband Holster The waistband holster is likely the most common of all concealed-carry holster types. With a waistband holster, you have

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