Excellent Concealed-Carry Handguns from Kimber

There are many brands that create outstanding handguns, but Kimber has one of the finest reputations for quality, accuracy, and reliability. They are generally considered one of the top values in handguns, and are well known for their 1911-style pistols.

Let’s take a look at three of Kimber’s top options for concealed carry so you can make a good choice on your next firearm.

Kimber K6s

For anyone who wants a reliable six-shot revolver for personal protection, the K6s from Kimber makes a fine choice. The weapon has the smallest cylinder that is capable of holding six .357 Magnum rounds, giving you an effective and powerful option when you need it. It has a match-grade trigger, internal hammer, and rounded edges that make it ideal for both concealment and use. With a two-inch barrel, you can conceal your weapon with less worry.

Kimber Micro

This brand is well known for their 1911-style handguns, but you can carry many of the features that make 1911 pistols popular in a smaller package by choosing the Kimber Micro. Features on this innovative weapon include a single-action trigger with a smooth pull, a thumb safety, and a slide release. Available for .380 ACP cartridges, this weapon gives you performance and power in a smaller package.

Kimber Micro 9

The Micro was so popular that Kimber created a version for the 9mm Luger cartridge. The Kimber Micro 9 has all the features you expect from a 1911-style weapon, but it comes for the popular, reliable, and affordable 9mm cartridge.

If you choose one of these weapons from Kimber, you’ll have an attractive and (more important) reliable weapon for your concealed-carry needs.

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