Mastering 3 Bushrcaft Skills for Survival

The world of bushcraft is nearly mystical. When you see a true woodsman at work you will find yourself wishing you had learned these skills, too. That’s because they speak to something that is incredibly primal. There are very few people who watch someone proficient in bushcraft and don’t get excited. Not everyone is willing to put in the time to learn these skills but everyone wants to be a master of them!

Of the many skills there are that make up buschrafting there are a handful that anyone can practice and quickly see improvements. We are going to take a look at three skills in particular that will increase your survivability in the wild.


When it comes to survival shelters its all about speed. In good conditions you are going to have plenty of time to put up a shelter. You want your skills to translate into a situation where you only have minutes to get out of weather. If you aren’t preparing for the worst case scenario then you are just playing.


Fire is a many faceted process. This is particularly true when you are in an environment that you are not familiar with. You are going to have to find three important things. Tinder, kindling and fuel. With plenty of those three items you are going to be able to make fire and sustain but you better have plenty.

Disinfect Water

You can create a simple water filter from natural materials that will turn muddy water into something that is clear enough to stomach. You aren’t going to get pure bottled water in the wild. After you have a quality water filter built you can kill waterborne pathogens by boiling the water.

Whether you know it or not you can last as long as a couple weeks without food. That is why we have highlighted the three skills above. After 3 days without water you will be dead or debilitated to the point of imminent death. Without shelter you can die in hours depending on the weather. If you drink bad water your body will be wracked with cramps, diarrhea, fever and possibly vomiting. None of which will help your chance of survival.

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