Traditional Archery in Survival

We have been firing projectiles at potential food sources for a long time!

It all started with the atlatl which was a device used to add more leverage to throwing a spear. In a sense you could say it all started with the spear but the atlatl brought a whole new level of proficiency because we could hit bigger targets, harder, from further away. This was astounding but we couldn’t stop there.

The bow and arrow changed everything. It took some of the properties of the atlatl and made them even more effective and portable.

When you think of a bow and arrow you might consider a compound bow, which is the most up to date iteration. These bows are capable of launching arrows with 90lbs of force behind the arrow. We are talking about a whole new type of weapon when there is that kind of power involved.

I want to talk about traditional archery. By that I mean the long bow, the recurve bow or something even more primitive, like in the video above. While you are likely a big fan of shooting targets with your firearm, you should seek out an archery range and give it a try. Its a much less expensive option to shooting targets. Even better, you can set up a small range in your backyard! Foam targets in the shape of game can make for a great time!

These bows can be made from the world around you and if you find yourself in a true survival situation a projectile firing weapon could be just what you need. Remember, even if you have gun on you when you get lost, it could be out of ammo pretty quickly. If you are hunting to stay alive with a handgun and two magazines, at best you have 20 or so meals. Then you are out of bullets. If you do the math that’s just over 6 days. Then you will need a new option.

Making a primitive bow is a great time! You really can have some big success out in the woods if you find the right base materials. Give it a try and take advantage of archery. Its a great hobby and it can be a way to shoot targets without having to visit a range or spend money on ammo. Its all relative!

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