Pros and Cons of an Ankle Holster

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In most cases, waistband carry is the logical choice for a concealed weapon. However, some people, due to body shape or work-dress requirements, cannot carry a concealed handgun at the waist.

One of the alternatives to waistband carry is an ankle holster. This type of carry has advantages and drawbacks, so make sure you understand the details before making a decision.

Pros of an Ankle Holster

The largest reason for choosing an ankle holster is the superior comfort. With the gun snugly secured at your ankle, you don’t have the potential discomfort that can come with waistband carry or even shoulder holsters.

With an ankle holster, you also have excellent concealment (assuming you’re wearing pants, of course) and unless the pant legs are high, it’s unlikely the gun could be spotted.

When you’re sitting, the ankle holster also works well, which is why some people who drive for a living prefer having an ankle holster. Also, for many concealed-carry users, ankle holsters make a reliable option for their backup weapon.

Cons of an Ankle Holster

If you choose the ankle holster, you will significantly reduce accessibility. No matter how much you practice, you simply can’t draw from the ankle as quickly as you could from the waist.

If you have difficulty crouching, possibly because of bad hips or knees, you will have extreme difficulty drawing your weapon from the ankle.

Another drawback of ankle holsters, and one that can be overlooked, is the fact that drawing the weapon requires you to stop. You cannot draw while moving; you have to essentially plant yourself in a spot, which can create significant danger when being attacked.

Choose an Ankle Holster If No Other Option is Available

In general, it’s best to choose an ankle holster only when you have no other option or if you want to carry a backup weapon. Waistband carry gives you better accessibility, but ankle holsters could still be useful for some people.

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