Quora vs. Reddit: What’s the Buzz on Guns and Dating?

Buzz on Guns and Dating

Did you know that there is a Blue Book of Gun Values? It’s kind of like Kelly Blue Book for cars, but you get to check out what your weapons are worth online. So if you are a gun owner or you want to be a gun owner you should know that your investments keep their value.

However, we are here today to talk about a different set of values, and how they are setting a buzz of opinions on Reddit and Quora.

On Quora, someone mentioned that their boyfriend had told them that they might not visit them if they were to get a gun for their own self-defense. On Reddit, there are also discussions about guns and dating.

If you’re currently going on dates, you might be wondering about what might happen if you were to tell your potential new partner that you have a gun.

However, there are many different answers to questions like this one. In this article, we’ll review what the buzz is on Quora and Reddit regarding what happens when guns and dating meet.

Finally, you can learn how to balance gun ownership with your romantic life. Read on to learn more.

What People Are Saying on Quora

There were quite a few different answers that people gave to the person who asked this question on Quora, with answers provided by Matt. P, Kitty Bound, and others. In this section, we’ll review Matt P.’s answer, as it can give you a good idea of what to do if you were to end up in a situation like this one.

Matt P.’s Answer

Matt P., a gun owner who is an instructor/FFL03 and who is engaged in national/state gun politics, gave a helpful answer to the question regarding the boyfriend who wasn’t sure about his partner being a gun owner for their own self-defense.

In his answer, Matt. P tells the OP (original poster) that it’s important for them to figure out why the boyfriend has said this.

He explains that this is a relationship “make-or-break” moment. This is because such a conflict could be a sign of conflicting fundamental values.

For this reason, it’s important to understand whether his reaction is an emotional one that comes from ignorance or if it’s a core value.

Matt P.’s Relevant Experience

Matt goes on to explain his own personal situation that was related. He opens the scene by explaining that this occurred when he was dating his wife and things were starting to get serious (in a long-term way).

When this happened, he invited her over and told her that he had to show her something. Then, he pulled out his rifles, as well as the .45 he kept for self-defense.

Then he asked if this was going to be a problem for her. He went on to explain that he had had these guns first and that he wasn’t going to give them up (for various reasons).

His wife, who was someone he was dating at the time, didn’t have a problem with it. However, he later realized that it had been necessary for him to broach the subject.

This was because it simply was the case that it wouldn’t be possible for him to live with a person who didn’t want to have a gun in their home.

He realized he was okay with being with someone who wasn’t interested in guns. However, if he was dating someone who wasn’t okay with having a gun within their house at all, he wouldn’t be okay with this.

How This Relates to the OP’s Situation

He goes on to argue that, because of this, it isn’t important for the OP to know what position their boyfriend is in. Is he not comfortable with guns because of ignorance? Does he not know anything about them, and would some education or maybe some training help in the alleviation of his concerns?

Matt then tells the OP that they should sit down with their boyfriend and talk about it.

However, if it turns out that the boyfriend hates guns and feels that they don’t have any purpose, doesn’t want to have guns near him, and so on, then this means the OP has a problem.

In this situation, at this point, Matt explains that there are two things the OP can do. One is to negotiate so he’ll tolerate the presence of guns.

In this case, the OP should also give the boyfriend some safety training, just enough so that he knows how to load and unload the gun.

The other option is that the OP does something based on the fact that there’s a fundamental value disconnect between them and their boyfriend. In this case, the answer is simple: finding a new boyfriend.

Matt explains that he believes that one should never compromise their core values for someone else. In his opinion, the value of having a view on self-defense is a core value.

Matt P.’s Final Thoughts

He finishes up by saying that, sure, it could be the gun that’s the problem, but that gun ownership often reflects many other values by association. Thus, if someone objects to the keeping of a gun for a self-defense reason, it’s likely that some of their other views will be different too.

Some examples of these views might include ones around money management, personal autonomy, and so on.

He explains that it’s best to find out sooner rather than later. Then, he wishes the OP luck.

What People Are Saying on Reddit

On Reddit, there’s a post where someone asks whether they should go on a date with someone who’s a gun owner. The OP, u/soloww00, is a 34-year-old female who was using OKCupid to date. She matched with a guy and he asked if she wanted coffee quite quickly.

Because she prefers to meet dates sooner rather than later, she agreed. However, they were yet to decide where they were going to go when she noticed that his profile showed that he had a gun.

When she found out about this, she got a bit irrationally afraid. She hadn’t gone out before with someone who owned a gun.

She then explained that, due to her insecurity and fear, she didn’t know whether it would be possible for her to live with a person who owned a gun.

She began to wonder whether she wanted to go on the date at all, as this would waste his time. At the same time, she wondered whether she was being silly.

For this reason, she went on Reddit to get some advice or insight on what they might do in a situation like hers.

There’s also an edit at the end of her post where she explains that she’s from a country where gun ownership isn’t common.

The Answer at the Top

The reply at the top of the thread is by someone who says that they own a large number of guns. They then say that, however, this would never be obvious were someone to meet them. They wouldn’t even know if someone were to come into their house.

They explain that the reason they own guns is for self-defense and because they enjoy target shooting.

They don’t meet any of the stereotypes people expect when it comes to gun owners. They aren’t religious, they aren’t conservative/Republican, they aren’t a prepper, and they don’t wear camo.

They aren’t a member of the NRA or have gun values bumper stickers on their car.

At the end of this, they say that their point is that, when it comes to a lot of people who are gun owners, someone might never even know that they are one.

For this reason, the potential date having a gun isn’t an indicator that the OP and her potential date would or wouldn’t be compatible.

BusyLight32, a 53-year-old male, commented after this post to say, “THIS! Me. 100%.”

Darkjedidave’s Answer

Another person to provide an answer was Darkjedidave. They said that they don’t ever post openly about the fact they’re a gun owner. They only told their girlfriend about it after the girlfriend had asked whether they owned one during a political discussion.

Darkjedidave enjoys cleaning guns as well as taking them apart. They also enjoy target practice.

Darkjedidave also enjoys taking their watch and has car modding hobbies. They see their interest in guns as similar.

Darkjedidave has an opinion that someone having a gun isn’t something that anyone deserves or needs to know unless that person has been asked about it specifically.

Mandalorian_Pride’s Answer

Mandalorian_Pride gave an answer related to where the OP was located. They asked whether they were in the US. Then they went on to explain that a large number of Americans are gun owners. They said that between 30% and 45% of them owned a firearm.

They went on to say that this showed that the OP didn’t have anything to worry about (unless the potential date seemed mentally unstable).

The OP went on to reply and say that they had no idea that the percentage of Americans who owned guns was so high. Before this, they thanked Mandalorian_Pride for their feedback.

StillLifeWithApples’s Answer

StillLifeWithApples, a 50-year-old woman, introduces herself as a granola-eating New York Times reader and progressive liberal who lives in the upper part of the Midwest. She says that she assumes that it’s likely that any guy she dates might have a gun (or two) tucked away somewhere.

She says that she dates across professions and education levels, as well as men who are on different parts of the political spectrum.

She says it’s likely that they have a gun, most likely, for hunting, or perhaps for target shooting. She then goes on to say that it doesn’t bother her.

What she would usually do is get to know the guy first. She says that the OP shouldn’t worry about the gun specifically unless there are other things that he does and says that make the OP nervous.


HalfHalt reacted to this, saying that it reminded them of a man dressed in camo at a cafe saying to another man dressed in camo that they had been listening to NPR. They told the tale remembering it fondly because it was funny to see someone who was likely a hunter being an NPR listener.

Flashingcurser, a 50-year-old man, also added that if someone were to meet a guy who gave off homicidal maniac vibes, then they shouldn’t date him. This would be whether or not that person was a gun owner or not.

After all, someone with that vibe could always steal, borrow, or buy a gun. They could also use another weapon, such as a knife, to do something dangerous.

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