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Extra Ammo

Gun jams happen! Concealed carry holders should spend time working through jams at the range.  Repeated practice dealing with gun jams, or mechanical failure, creates the muscle memory needed to rely on if this situation occurs in a real life scenario.  Having a backup magazine is crucial if this situation

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Exposing the Concealed Community

Suicide rates are counted in the national statistics of gun-related deaths.    While this shines a light on the suicide epidemic in our country, this number comprises 60% of all gun deaths.  These statistics can and have been used to attack gun owners and their constitutional right to gun ownership. 

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Range Bag Essentials

According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the firearm industry accounts for around $51.3 billion dollar impact on the United States economy.  Ammunition, holsters, sites, grips, lights, lasers, eye and ear protection, safes, magazines, magazine loaders, magazine holders, and more are available accessories that go along with using a firearm….NSSF

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Emergency License

On a spring morning in 2016 in Carlyss, Louisiana, Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Officer responded to a call of a breaking and entering in progress. When officers arrived on the scene they ended up…

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Officer, I am Legally Armed

nteractions with Law Enforcement while Concealing A Firearm As a licensed conceal carry holder deciding to take your loaded firearm out into public, you may have the occasion to run into…

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Armed and Less Dangerous

As video clips of a recent shooting at a back to school event in Titusville, Florida called “Peace in the City” surfaced, Americans cringed in horror yet again. In the midst of this tragic event, an unidentified citizen rose to the occasion and took down a coward whose intent was

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