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Are 3D Guns a Conceal Carry Option?

Recently U.S. District Judge Robert Lasnik in Seattle put a stop to 3D gun blueprints being available online.  The topic of 3D guns has been a hot-button issue.  From the president’s tweets to politicians using ridiculous names for the firearms. While judges, politicians, and citizens fight out the legal status

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How Many Rounds Are Needed for Effective Concealed Carry?

How many rounds is enough for your concealed-carry weapon? Like holster position, cartridge size, and when you carry, this is a deeply personal choice that you need to consider thoroughly. While the final decision is up to you, there are some universal factors that you should consider… Size of Cartridge

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Why Only Expanding Rounds for Self Defense?

It’s so common among firearms owners that it’s often taken for granted. However, if you are new to concealed carry and personal defense, or want to better understand why certain concealed-carry decisions are made, it helps to understand the purpose of expanding rounds for self defense. While non-expanding rounds can

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When to Carry a Concealed Weapon?

Is there a right or wrong time to carry your concealed weapon? While many people understand the arguments for carrying a personal-defense weapon, there’s not enough discussion about when…

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What is the Appropriate Age to Teach a Child Gun Safety?

We’ve discussed the importance of gun safety training for adults, especially those that choose to carry a concealed weapon. But if you’re a parent? You’re probably wondering, like many parents, when to introduce your children to firearms and gun safety. While it will depend on your personal comfort level and

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