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How to Build a DIY Gunshot Wound Kit

When it comes to firearms training, most people neglect this one vital skill: learning how to treat a gunshot wound. Think about it this way. If you were in a hobby of raising poisonous snakes, it would make sense to know how to deal with a snake bite because not knowing could cost you your life.  If you deal with

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Texas Flag

Texas Moves to Constitutional Carry Sept. 1 

Sept. 1, 2021, is the effective date for several new laws in Texas, one of which allows law-abiding Texans age 21 and above to carry a handgun without a license.  Commonly referred to as “constitutional carry” (derived from the Second Amendment of the Constitution) or “permitless carry,” HB 1927, signed by Governor Greg Abbott, sets Texas

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overnight gun safe

How to Pick the Right Gun Safe for Your Situation

In 2020, gun sales skyrocketed to unprecedented heights as millions of Americans exercised their Second Amendment right to bear arms. As responsible gun owners it is our duty to ensure that no unauthorized person can ever gain access to our firearms, especially children. After all, gun storage and child access

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Concealed Carry Faux Pas

Concealed Carry Faux Pas To Consider

Concealed carry permit or license holders have a major responsibility to ensure that their actions are law-abiding and intelligent. While a majority of these decisions are common sense, others may…

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Best CCW Speed Loaders For 2020

Anyone who has ever had sore and cramped thumbs from loading mags can appreciate the utility of a good speedloader. Luckily for those who shoot their CCW weapons on the range frequently…

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