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Pros and Cons of an Ankle Holster

In most cases, waistband carry is the logical choice for a concealed weapon. However, some people, due to body shape or work-dress requirements, cannot carry a concealed handgun at the waist. One of the alternatives to waistband carry is an ankle holster. This type of carry has advantages and drawbacks,

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Excellent Concealed-Carry Handguns from Kimber

There are many brands that create outstanding handguns, but Kimber has one of the finest reputations for quality, accuracy, and reliability. They are generally considered one of the top values in handguns, and are well known for their 1911-style pistols. Let’s take a look at three of Kimber’s top options

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Puttng the Grey Man Concept to Use

The Grey Man concept is nothing new but it is a bit a struggle to put this concept to use. From afar it would seem really cool to be operating covertly in a situation where you are looking to go unnoticed. This can be particularly helpful, as you can imagine,

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Creating a Powerful 72 Hour Kit for Emergency Preparedness

All across this nation people are taking notice to what is happening. They are paying closer attention to things like natural disasters, gun laws and of course crime. The 72 hour kit or survival kit got in the door on the backs of preppers and survivalists. They came in on

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Take a Quick Preparedness Assessment

Today we brought you a preparedness assessment. This is from a website called the and will offer you some insight on your own preparedness plans and where you fall on the spectrum. If we are not measuring ourselves than we cannot be sure of where we fall on the

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The Three Common Waistband-Carry Positions

The waistband is a common place to carry your concealed weapon, but you need to understand the pros and cons of each waistband-carry position. In general, you will find three specific options… 1. Appendix Carry Also known as the 1:00 position, the appendix carry has the weapon in front, generally

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