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What is “Shall Issue?”

If you look at the state information on firearms laws from the NRA, you’ll find a wide range of data ranging from purchasing laws to concealment issues. One of the items you’ll find is the…

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Texas Concealed Carry Gun Laws and Reciprocity Map

5 Excellent Concealed-Carry Pistols for Women

There are many concealed-carry pistols that are ideal for women, but these are five of the most reliable, popular, and effective options. They are small enough for concealment, yet load  effective, balanced cartridges such as the 9mm Luger and .380 Auto. With accuracy and dependability, these are five of the

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How to Become an NRA-Training Instructor

Learning proper use of a firearm is critical if you are going to carry a concealed weapon. However, if you are ready to take the next step and help others become safe, responsible owners of…

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What to Look For in a Concealed-Carry Jacket

If you have your concealed-carry permit, a concealed-carry jacket can be a great addition to your wardrobe, allowing you to comfortably carry your weapon in a safe manner. But you need to take your time and select the right jacket for your specific needs. Complete Concealment Probably the most important

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How Much Does NRA Basic Pistol Class Cost?

At Conceal Coalition, we strongly believe in the rights of citizens to carry the appropriate weapons needed to defend themselves. We also believe that everyone who carries, regardless of the law, should have extensive education and experience. Whether or not that training should be a mandatory requirement is another matter,

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What is the Appropriate Age to Teach a Child Gun Safety?

We’ve discussed the importance of gun safety training for adults, especially those that choose to carry a concealed weapon. But if you’re a parent? You’re probably wondering, like many parents, when to introduce your children to firearms and gun safety. While it will depend on your personal comfort level and

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