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SAY WHAT!? Oldest Gun Company in the World

When you go back far enough, history has a tendency to get a little blurry. It’s hard to say who invented the first anything, let alone the first firearm. We can be fairly certain that it was invented in China. Chinese soldiers used spear-firing bamboo-barrel tube-guns around CE 1000. Pinpointing

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Range Bag Essentials

According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the firearm industry accounts for around $51.3 billion dollar impact on the United States economy.  Ammunition, holsters, sites, grips, lights, lasers, eye and ear protection, safes, magazines, magazine loaders, magazine holders, and more are available accessories that go along with using a firearm….NSSF

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Traditional Archery in Survival

    We have been firing projectiles at potential food sources for a long time!  It all started with the atlatl which was a device used to add more leverage to throwing a spear. In a sense you could say it all started with the spear but the atlatl brought

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Mastering 3 Bushrcaft Skills for Survival

The world of bushcraft is nearly mystical. When you see a true woodsman at work you will find yourself wishing you had learned these skills, too. That’s because they speak to something that is incredibly primal. There are very few people who watch someone proficient in bushcraft and don’t get

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Fitness that Fits Survival

Physical fitness and diet have exploded in this nation and there are a million and one ways that you can go now. In fact, I dare say it has all become a bit religious. This could be do to the fact that we are still the most obese nation in

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Puttng the Grey Man Concept to Use

The Grey Man concept is nothing new but it is a bit a struggle to put this concept to use. From afar it would seem really cool to be operating covertly in a situation where you are looking to go unnoticed. This can be particularly helpful, as you can imagine,

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